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Addictive Daily Emails: Build Crazy-Strong Relationships & Score More Sales

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Are you ready to double your sales? When you send interesting, gotta-read emails to your list, you cement that relationship. Plus you're there at the exact moment they're ready to buy. And we give you EVERYTHING: open-me subject lines and juicy emails to make your peeps smile all month long.

This slow-burn (but super-hot) sequence is for you, you'd love to ...

  • Introduce new fans to your brand in a value-based way that bonds them to you for life—namely interesting, must-read emails that your prospects can’t wait to open.

  • Build your email list effortlessly with leads who'll buy from you over and over.

  • Be there at the exact, serendipitous moment when your client’s ready to buy. Remember, it can take seven to 13 interactions with your brand to persuade a prospect to buy.

  • Increase your revenue, and even double your sales.

Think of this daily email sequence as ...

  • a collection of exciting emails that may be the ONLY ones your prospects look forward to reading everyday.

  • a content-driven way (on the dail) to maintain consistent, frequent, value-added communication that ensures you’ll be there when your prospect is ready to hit the “pay" button.

  • a woo-worthy sequence that’s actually the ultimate relationship builder, and turns recipients into your perfect customers.

  • a mind-blowing collection of infotaining (information + entertainment) emails, including: the rant email, the shocking email, the sweet little lies email, the quote and destroy email, the weird connection email, the future vision email, the poem email, the controversy email, the philosopher email, the song lyric email, the thanks for being a friend email, and so many more.

Who is this for?

  • Coaches, fitness gurus, thought leaders and professional speakers who have personal or professional life-changing knowledge or programs to share with as many people as possible.

  • Ecommerce brands, apparel companies, lifestyle brands or fashion designers whose products appeal to a certain demographic, who often become lifetime buyers.

What do you need for this package to be successful?

  • Compelling, valued-added products or services.

  • Knowledge, expertise and tips that we can mine for email gold.

  • An email list. (Yes, it’s OK if they haven’t heard from you in a while. We’re about to change all that.)

What do you get?

  • The Addictive Daily Emails questionnaire to understand your brand’s voice, your audience, as well as your marketing goals and vision for the welcome sequence.

  • A 60-minute discovery call where we'll map out your perfect content strategy, special offers and calls to actions, and of course, your ideal client avatar.

  • Strategic analysis and discovery to review your plan, uncover gaps in the market, understand audience desires and identify how you can stand out.

  • A custom 22-email sequence specifically tailored to bond your target audience to you, so you’re top of mind any day they’re ready to buy.

  • 2 subject lines and preheaders for EACH email to allow for A/B testing and find winners.

  • Professional editing for every email to ensure that it’s easy-to-read, formatted perfectly and designed to increase click-throughs and engagement.

Packages start at $4,000

WANT IN? Reach out now!

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