• Nicole Rollender

Power-Packed Sales Email Sequence: Grow Your List + Sell an Evergreen Offer

Updated: Sep 30

Want to get results quickly? Get ready: This is STRAND's signature email package most of our new clients choose. Why? It's a jet-fueled, nine-email automation that scores you loads of leads and sales ... basically forever. 

This powerful email sequence is for you, if you'd love to ...

  • Introduce new fans to your brand in a value-based way that bonds them to you for life

  • Build your email list effortlessly with leads who'll buy from you over and over

  • Produce continuous income by selling one specific (and affordable) product, program or service that's really hard for buyers to turn down

Think of this autoresponder sequence as ...

  • a mini ATM machine that creates brand exposure, new clients and revenues, 24/7/365

  • an automated way to attract and retain a clearly defined audiencethe exact customers who desire what you're selling

  • a guaranteed way to get ROI on your online ad spend (like Facebook ads)

  • a content-driven way to gain leads and buying customers (remember, once someone buys your special offer, they're 16 times more likely to buy again)

  • the easiest way to build raving fans who'll buy from you within one week

Who is this for?

  • Coaches, fitness gurus, thought leaders and professional speakers who have personal or professional life-changing knowledge or programs to share with as many people as possible

  • Ecommerce brands, apparel companies, lifestyle brands or fashion designers whose products appeal to a certain demographic, who often become lifetime buyers

What do you need for this package to be successful?

  • A compelling, affordable, evergreen product, program or service that's easy for customers to buy

  • Your best-performing content (like a blog post, listicle, infographic, video or ebook). Don't worry! If you don't have this content, we can help you create it.

  • A lead magnet to give away. Again, don't worry! We can help you create a magnet, but for example, it could be a compilation of your top 3 blogs.

What do you get?

  • The Power-Packed Welcome Email Sequence questionnaire to understand your brand’s voice, your audience, as well as your marketing goals and vision for the welcome sequence

  • A 60-minute discovery call where we'll map out your perfect offer, selling strategy and ideal client avatar

  • Strategic analysis and discovery to review your funnel plan, uncover gaps in the market, understand audience desires and identify how you can stand out

  • A custom 9-email sequence specifically tailored to bond your target audience to you and get them to buy your top-of-funnel offer and beyond

  • 2 subject lines and preheaders for EACH email to allow for A/B testing and find winners

  • Professional editing for every email to ensure that it’s easy-to-read, formatted perfectly and designed to increase click-throughs and engagement

Packages start at $3,000

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