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The Jet-Fueled, Quick-Turn Website Revamp

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Does it feel like your website is missing that certain je ne sais quoi? Our quick-turn website package is a favorite with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, coaches, consultants and speakers. Within a week, we give you powerful copy that melds connection, conversion and creativity so your digital presence inspires confidence and lots more sales. Think of this brand revamp (aka, your website) as a highly caffeinated sales and marketing team.

Let's have some real talk, OK? Does your website:

  • produce quality educational content that introduces buyers to your brand in the best way possible?

  • take buyers on an enjoyable journey, ending in an easy sale? Or do prospects take a 10-second look and click over to the next provider on their Google search list?

  • turn browsers into red-hot qualified leads, or attract piranhas just looking for freebies?

  • inspire sales even when you’re sleeping (or on vacation)?

  • connect with prospective customers with sizzling copy that gets to the heart of their problem, and gives them a can’t-resist-it solution?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, this brand revamp is for you!

Think of this brand revamp (aka, your website) as a highly caffeinated sales and marketing team.

This cyber meeting place is where you connect with your prospects, establish your authority, provide helpful information … and make lots of sales with unbelievable ease.

You’re ready to get hyper-clear on your vision, mission and offerings ... and how to talk to your customers (like you’re old friends sharing a cup of joe or hot chocolate) … because you understand their pain points and can’t wait to help them with your signature solutions.

Here’s an insider secret … You don’t need a bloated website that's bursting uncomfortably with tons of content ... in fact, that often signals you're not super-clear on your own messaging.

A carefully crafted three-to-five-page site can open the floodgates to the leads and sales you’ve been dreaming of … along with a tip-packed blog that makes you authoritative, yet approachable.

Wondering why you should hire STRAND?

Look, we see a lot of entrepreneurs struggling to write good copy. Either they hate doing it, they’re terrible at it or it just takes them months to get it done.

Even if they hire it out - their copywriters typically charge a few thousand dollars and take four to six weeks to turn it around.

In our (not-so-humble) opinion, that’s a very long time - and nobody should be waiting a month (or more) to bring in cash-money through their website.

That's why we send you damn good copy to review within 3 to 5 days of our discovery call.

As a thought leader and keynote speaker in the personal development space, I wanted my unique experience as the original Phillie Phanatic mascot and my theory on using The Power of Fun to make me the indisputable choice for corporate events. Nicole did a deep dive into understanding my messaging, audience and competitors, and wrote revitalized copy that repositioned me as a top speaker in my space. The best part? Now my website has the copy that I know other speakers wish they had on theirs. The voice is fresh, engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable, all aspects of my brand personality.”  
Dave Raymond, Founder of Power of Fun and International Keynote Speaker

When I started an aggressive rebranding of my business, I hired Nicole to help rewrite my website copy and get a fresh pair of eyes on my marketing materials. As a content marketing writer myself, I know how important a company's online image is—but when it's *your* business, it's easy to get too attached to certain things. I shared my goals, values, and long-term vision for my business with Nicole on a short phone call, and she created copy that I felt was true to who I am, captured my voice and mission, and made me sound confident, but not cocky. I recommend her with the highest accolades!”  
Davina van Buren, Hospitality and Restaurant Technology Writer

Who is this for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, speaker or small business owner who hasn’t had the time to bring your brand copy and content into perfect alignment with your high-service products and offerings … we’ve designed the Jet-Fueled, Quick-Turn Website Revamp just for you … if you’re brand-new, scaling or just need a refresh.

Whether you just don’t have the time or know exactly how to drill down into your brand to write web copy that sells, we’ve got your back.

Stop overthinking the most important pages on your website … and let us help you talk directly to your customers:

  • so they buy from you on repeat.

  • so they refer you to others, and your network of influence grows.

  • so you can focus more of your time on growing your brand.

  • so you can spend more time rejuvenating with your family and friends.

Let’s tell your story clearly and compellingly. Let’s show your ideal customers that you understand their personal and professional pain points, and you have just the solution for them.

How does it work?

Step 0: Send me your package details, bio + testimonials from existing clients.

Step 1: We’ll meet for a 60-minute call at the start of our Jet-Fueled Brand Revamp. I’ll gather all the information I need about your genius, personality, clients, pricing and more.

Step 2: Give me feedback (over email) about the initial copy I create for you. It’s as simple as saying “yes to this” and “no to that."

Step 3: I’ll start writing your copy. Once I finish, I’ll email it to you.

Step 4: We’ll get on a call and you can give me your feedback live.

Step 5: I’ll make your revisions and deliver the final copy back to you. Et voila! It’s really that simple!

What do you get?

The idea of this package is to get you set up with high-quality content for the most important (and impactful pages) of your website - as quickly as possible.

  • A 60-minute Branding Revamp Discovery Session: In this power-packed session, let’s peel back the layers and really uncover your why, your brand personality and what makes you... YOU. We’ll also give you a transcript!

  • Wallet-wooing website copy: Conversion-optimized, persuasive and engaging website copy for 5 key pages – Home, About, Services, Packages and Contact. (Just upgrading these 5 pages will do wonders for your website!)

  • ROI-crunching authority content: Stand out like the superstar you are with one custom-crafted, authority-building 750-word blog crafted with your audience needs and marketing goals.

  • Worth-1,000-words photos: Two socially shareable, copyright-free, custom created photos for your blog post.

  • Grab-and-go social: Five social media updates to promote your revamped brand image.

Packages start at $4,500

WANT IN? Reach out now!

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