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  • How do I get started working with you?
    Book a 15-minute call with me so we can make sure we’re a great match for your copy project’s success. You can also tell me about your project by clicking here.
  • How long does it take you to send me my custom website copy, sales page or email funnel?"
    From the date of our discovery call, expect to see the first drafts lighting up your inbox within two to three weeks, or sooner. We take on a very small number of elite clients, so I can produce amazingly good copy in very short timeframes.
  • How much notice do you need?
    I book up quickly, usually one to two months in advance, so if you know you want that website redone or a sales page up and ready for your new launch, hit me up sooner rather than waiting. The great news? Once we’ve got your discovery call on my calendar, I’ll be laser-focused on your project right after we meet.
  • What are your main services?
    I specialize in website copy, sales pages, email funnels, and video and webinar scripts. However, my clients also ask me for content like long-form blogs and ghostwritten expert articles that make them sound like the experts they are.
  • What if I need or want add-ons?
    You mean like blogs or a webinar opt-in landing page? I’ve got your back. If you want additional copy or content assets, I’ll work those into your package.
  • You’re an amaze-balls writer (thank you, thank you), but your rates are higher. Now what?"
    Yes, like all types of creative services, high-impact copy isn’t cheap, but it’s an investment in your business. I do offer copy audits and refreshes at a lower cost, and I’ll give you specific ways to increase your leads and sales by tweaking what you already have.
  • What if I already have a website, sales page or email funnel and just want a refresh?"
    I'm happy to do an audit of your current sales page or email sequence and give you a quote on a rewrite, refresh or restructure of the existing copy. Email me or set up a 15-minute call with me to discuss.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Short answer: No. I produce custom, creative work for each client. However, your launch package comes with two sets of revisions, so you’ll be 100% satisfied with your final copy suite.
  • Do you design my website or sales page?
    I'm a natural born pro-level writer, and I stay in my lane. So all I provide is copy. However, I do have a great network and am happy to refer you to a website designer. If you’re already working with a designer or a developer, I’m happy to interface with them so your site or sales page design goes as smoothly as possible.
  • I still have questions. Where can I reach you?
    Reach out to me at and I’ll be glad to answer your questions.
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