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How do we create an extraordinary energy around your brand? We get quiet, listening to the dreams and needs of the people you want to serve. (Yes, we dive DEEP into research.) To get them to that crucial next step—buying and becoming your powerful brand megaphones—you’ve got to be empathetic. 


Powered by a uniquely compelling copy and content plan we build for your brand, your products and services sell when your target audience meets and falls in love with your moxie (because it's all about how you talk to them).


That’s where I come in: We create startling, yet straightforward copy that speaks directly to your audience's deepest concerns. We delight. Dazzle. We show how you make a difference.  We show how you're the unequivocal solution.


My Data-Backed Story Framework is an intuitive, data-centered and proven method for connecting deeply with prospects and helping them transform their lives, while growing my clients' bottom line in a non-sleazy way.



At STRAND Writing Services, we elect to work with an elite group of rockstar clients who are experts in their field (just like we are) … and who know their copy can make or break their sales efforts.


If you’re willing to invest in your growth (to get 10X ROI from your website or sales page easily!)  and ...

  • know you should never wait more than a two weeks for come-hither copy

  • are over getting "meh" drafts from copywriters who don't get your brand or buyers

  • don't like writing or don't have time for #BlankPageSyndrome

  • want to hire a proven expert who'll deliver copy that dazzles and delights your audience

  • don't want to sound like you ripped off your top 10 competitors’ copy

  • want to create on-fire FOMO and easier-than-ever-before sales …

… then we’re probably a match.

Your first move? Apply here to work with me. Then, if it looks like we’re a match, we’ll schedule a 15-minute discovery call where we’ll do a quick dive into your brand, your big goals and what’s stopping you from getting there. When we identify that perfect copy bridge solution—whether it’s new website copy, a sales page, an email funnel or a content suite—then we’re one step closer to sales nirvana.

We’ll send you a custom proposal with a scope of work, firm price and timeline to review, and once you give us a big, “Yes, I want you to write the copy that will skyrocket our sales,” we’re laser focused on you.

You’ll receive a contract, scope of work, invoice and a one-way ticket to schedule your discovery call with me to kick off your project or retainer.



Conversion copywriting is an amazing alchemy of the art of storytelling, melding with science and data. This is the laying-down-the-bones research I do before crafting interesting, impactful, leave ‘em wanting more copy.


Here are some of the ways I get to know you, your brand and your ideal customers:

  • The Data-Backed Story Framework Questionnaire that you’ll fill out before our discovery session, so I get all the basics on you, your company, your why and exactly what you’re selling and how it transforms your clients’ lives.  

  • A comprehensive 60-to-90-minute discovery call where I’ll ask you and your team lots of questions, since you know your business better than anyone.

  • Using our proprietary Conversion Copy Alchemy Process to identify those words, phrases and messages that elevate you as the only solution to your ideal clients' problem.

  • Industry and market research that includes reading trade publications to learn more about the current events, issues and concerns that are shaping your customers’ conversations.

  • Competitor analysis of your challengers’ sites and messaging so I can suss out the unequivocal reasons your solution is the best fit to solve your customers’ biggest problems.

  • Customer interviews with 3 to 5 of your clients to learn why they chose you and how your program helped them achieve the personal or professional transformation they craved. (This is called voice-of-customer research so we know what they’re saying about you in their own words.) You’ll get transcripts of these gems!

  • Message mining for customer feedback from a variety of sources, including your past customer surveys, social media sites, Amazon and other places where we can learn more about your ideal customer’s pain points, hopes, concerns and goals. I do this so I can message-match in your copy (like I’m inside your customers’ minds.)

  • An in-depth review of your brand voice (we'll even give you a handy brand voice guide to use) so that I sound like you, but maybe even better.

  • A review of your products and services so I know the ins and outs of your brilliant offering for even more on-point marketing.


The goal? I’ll inside your target audience’s minds and lives. I want to understand their most embarrassing or frustrating moments when they say, “Enough is enough,” and they start searching for you.



First, you’ll review a copy snapshot that I’ll share with you and give me your feedback. Once you’ve put your stamp of approval on the copy snapshot, now I’ll start to alchemize your wow-worthy copy suite. My goal? To write stellar copy that sounds more like you, than you do.

When I send your copy whizzing to your inbox, I’ll include a short video where I walk you through exactly what I did on a strategic level. That way, when you review the copy, we’re in the same starting place.

You’ll get two full rounds of revision with your copy package.


Plus, I’m happy to offer image and other visual recommendations as the words come to life on your website or sales page.



Reserve your free 15-minute strategy call to see if we're a match. I'll drill down into your goals and recommend the exact copy or content package that I believe will achieve those ASAP.

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