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Be the brand your customers can't stop raving about. We help companies and entrepreneurs increase sales through engaging, educational content. (Get ready to bond to buyers for life.)

  • We help you sell desires.

  • We offer creative writing services and message mastery.

  • We create brand experiences that wow and win your customers: content that answers questions, products that solve their biggest problems, and marketing that meets them where they are now.

  • We tell brand stories authentically, viscerally—so we portray the truest version of you and your products to the exact people who desire them.

  • We offer conversion copy writing to the max—including website pages, email funnels, landing and sales pages, and lead magnets.

  • We customize premium content packages for your brand.

  • We specialize in the retail apparel and fashion industries for both B2B and B2C audiences. 

  • We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants.

  • We write unforgettable brand poetry.

  • We create alignment.

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Visioneer Writer & Influencer Marketing Strategist: Turns FIERCE Brands Into Celebs. Kicks Up Profits With Storyselling.

Let us alchemize your perfect cocktail of website copy, welcome email funnel, blogs, your signature stories, Instagram posts, sales pages and more to achieve your goals: brand awareness, increased engagement, lead capture or more sales.

Powered by a uniquely compelling copy and content plan we build for your brand, your products and services sell when your target audience meets and falls in love with your moxie (because it's all about how you talk to them).


How do we create an extraordinary energy around your brand? We get quiet, listening to the dreams and needs of the people you want to serve. (Yes, we dive DEEP into research.) To get them to that crucial next step—buying and becoming your powerful brand megaphones—you’ve got to be empathetic. That’s where our team comes in: We create startling, yet straightforward copy that speaks directly to your audience's deepest concerns. We delight. Dazzle. We show how you make a difference.  We show how you're the unequivocal solution.

What makes your brand memorable? We’re here to create a movement. A truly timeless connection. Let’s find the people who dream of what you offer, and will pay extra because you give them exactly what they want.

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STRAND is a head-turning, rapidly growing, boutique creative firm that helps brands create powerful bonds with their customers.

But first, let's talk about you.

I'm guessing you're like many business owners or marketing directors who've spent way too much time searching for a stellar writer who understands your brand and your buyers.


You know it's not as simple as posting a copy writer role on Careerbuilder

or Indeed ... and hoping you find your ideal match in a crowd of 700 applicants. (Ugh. How many pots of coffee do you need?)

We're here to cut to the front of your line, and make your job that much easier. You need authentic, fresh content and copy that performs, on repeat? That's our specialty. 

STRAND was founded on more than a decade of award-winning content marketing, copy writing and editorial experience. We leverage the power

of interactive campaigns, sizzling copy and inspired content so that your competitors become invisible, your seekers crystallize into loyal-for-life buyers ... and you make more money.  

Oh, we're not winging it. Everything we do is backed by years of hands-on experience and education.

Here's the fancy part: A pro with more than 15 years in the editorial publishing and content marketing arenas, I've received many prestigious national awards for my writing work, including being named to the Folio: Top Women in Media list, and winning Magazine of the Year by ASBPE.

As a B2B magazine editor-in-chief, my forward-thinking media and engagement strategies grabbed six national ASBPE, Folio: and Jesse H. Neal awards. 

As head of a content marketing department, my campaigns for top
apparel companies yielded thousands of leads and millions of impressions.
The cocktail with the perky umbrella? Compelling lead magnets that our prospects just had to download. (And these can be yours, too.)

Because creativity is queen, your writer-at-large needs to speak your brand voice and understand your buyers' pain ... that's why I want you to know that I'm an accomplished poet and author of the collection, Louder Than Everything You Love. A 2017 recipient of a New Jersey Council on the Arts creative writing fellowship, I hold an Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the Pennsylvania State University, and have taught writing at the college and corporate levels.

We elect to work with an elite group of rockstar clients and offer each top-flight service—we LOVE the companies we serve, and they know it. In fact, many stay with us for years. (One of our long-time clients said, "You're literally the only vendor we kept during COVID-19, since you helped us skyrocket a brand-new product to sales success!")

Our promise to you? We make content ideation and creation easy,

and get you the brilliant results you expect. We offer retainer services that encompass custom suites of copy and content, as well as signature email, blogging and website copy packages.

You'll never get listless, templated copy from us. We believe content marketing and conversion copywriting should take an artistic leap. We’re unicorns who spin out rarefied, honeyed words that woo your customers.

Three years ago, I co-founded STRAND with Grant Rollender, COO, so this is a family affair. We're uber-passionate about the work we're doing in the world, and we'd be delighted to serve you.

Nicole Rollender
CEO & Chief Storyteller

"... a perfect choice
for high-impact content with

emotional depth
that resonates
with customers."

"Talk about major
brand awareness
& lead-gen power!"

"Nicole is one of
those highly skilled storytellers ..."

" incredible gift
of capturing our

voice, mission 

& aesthetic."

"Now my website
has the copy
that I know other speakers wish
they had ..."

"... customer service  & responsiveness
second to none."

"She has given
extreme value

to our brand."

"Three words to describe Nicole—professional, reliable and effective."

"Nicole is a pleasure

to work with."

You'll never hear us use the hackneyed terms "template" or "cookie cutter." We're nonconformist creators who believe in self-expression and unconventional beauty. We'll invent copy and content based on your vision. We embrace inspiration and daydreaming.
We know there are rules and there are "rules." Yes, we stay current on the
latest copywriting trends and techniques, but we also know how and when to use them. We're fearless when it comes to your copy. We're never afraid to explore and take risks, so you always stand out. 
We stay curious and open to every
new adventure. Join us!
Our clients stay with us for years because we do what we say we're going to do. We hit every deadline. We respond to every email quickly and efficiently. We're so hyper-responsive, our clients ask if they're our only one. Nope. We believe in white-glove service and a customer experience unlike any other.
"Nicole is an outstanding writer. She's a quick study—even on super tech-y details—while her poetic background gives her writing an efficiency and emotional depth that resonates with customers. Nicole's rare combination of an analytical mindset with big-picture, emotive-narrative capabilities makes her a perfect choice for high-impact content that stands out. Almost equally important, her customer service and responsiveness are second to none. Highly recommended.”
Helena Mutak, Director of Marketing, McGrory Glass



"Talk about brand awareness and lead-generation power! Nicole has been an absolute wordsmith—she crafts blog articles, newsletters and social content that’s given my law firm life and a voice into the void cluttered with numerous competitors. She produces family law-related content that my clients understand. She has given extreme value to our brand and I’d recommend her to anyone.”
AllynMarie Smedley, Esq., Founder, Smedley Law Group


"Nicole was a reliable, consummate professional from day one. She expertly helped fine-tune the manuscript of my book into its most impactful and eloquent version, all while maintaining my authentic voice. She works with dexterous speed and efficiency and delivers on her promises and deadlines. Nicole’s extensive background in publishing also made her a great sounding board for this first-time author! I’m so happy to have found her services and know I’ll be a returning client. Fast-forward a few months, and my book became a #1 New Release on Amazon!”
Katie Fehlinger, Public Speaker, Author, Host and Executive Producer


"Smart, thoughtful and engaging content marketing is a powerful brand and business growth lever. The problem? Good content marketing copy and messaging is hard to create—it’s an art form. Nicole has been our trusted adviser and partner when it comes to content creation, messaging and strategy. There's no doubt that Nicole can add value to any organization. If you're seeking the best—look no further than Nicole.”
JP Hunt, Co-Founder, InkSoft


"Nicole is a partner to us. She's easy to collaborate with, has great instincts and brings lots of ideas to the table. As a B2B business, it's important to create content that will help our customers succeed. Nicole's skills as an interviewer have helped us do just that, by getting priceless tips from industry experts out to our customer base, through extremely engaging articles. We couldn't be happier to have her working with us.”
James Andres, Content Coordinator, S&S Activewear


"If you Google Nicole , you'll learn about her multitude of awards and the many projects she has navigated to success, but behind the accolades is a person who’s passionate about the power of language and the potency of narrative. It is, after all, the storytellers we widely read and quote; it is their perspective we respect. Nicole is one of these highly skilled storytellers. She has a unique vision coupled with a vibrant intensity that allows her to think abstractly (an enviable skill), yet produce concretely. Projects reach fruition without losing the luster of the imagination.”
Bobby Lehew, Chief Content Officer, commonsku


“Nicole has been writing our social posts for our biannual fundraisers for several years. Her thoughtful posts help us meet and usually exceed our multi-thousand-dollar goals each time. She has an incredible gift of capturing our voice, mission and aesthetic, as well as conveying our immediate, urgent needs in succinct posts for our social media outlets. She's part of our team and we count on her artistry every time.”


“Finally, a blog writer for everyone! Nicole removed the boundaries on this new platform for my brand. She helped build my new blog microsite, and took the time to help me understand this new platform from start to finish. I love having a fresh, new art form in business communication. The results from the monthly blogs have exceeded my expectations. In fact, the highest open rates on our eblasts are for blog posts. Nicole's always on time, and is mindful of her clients' time.”  
Laurie Prestine, Director of Marketing, Golden State Activewear and alphabroder


“As a thought leader and keynote speaker in the personal development space, I wanted my unique experience as the original Phillie Phanatic mascot and my theory on using The Power of Fun to make me the indisputable choice for corporate events. Nicole did a deep dive into understanding my messaging, audience and competitors, and wrote revitalized copy that repositioned me as a top speaker in my space. The best part? Now my website has the copy that I know other speakers wish they had on theirs. The voice is fresh, engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable, all aspects of my brand personality.” 
Dave Raymond, Founder of Power of Fun and International Keynote Speaker


“Three words to describe Nicole—professional, reliable and effective. Nicole produces extremely well-written articles and keeps to deadlines! After working with Nicole, we were better able to cater our website content toward our target audience. With her knowledge of the apparel industry and resourcefulness, she provides valuable guidance for the site’s editorial direction, ultimately assisting us in our goal to improve the relevancy of our website content. Nicole is also a pleasure to work with. She's very accommodating and flexible and is always willing to adapt and take any necessary actions as our needs evolve or as issues arise.” 
Karol Kirton, Brand Advisor, Gildan


“Writing copy had become a time-consuming part of my job. I’d been hesitant to bring on creative consultants because in the past, the time it took to train and get them up to speed on projects and brand tone equated to the time it took me to do it myself. However, working with Nicole has been a game-changer. She hit the ground running, as she already has extensive knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. We quickly developed a seamless workflow where different team members could assign projects and get quality work back within their deadlines. She’s very responsive and has been able to jump on quick-turnaround projects at lightspeed. I rarely have feedback because she usually nails exactly what I’m looking for the first time around. She’s not only made my job easier, but has helped me elevate the quality of all marketing materials she touches. Highly recommend!” 
Summer Barry, Vice President of Marketing, BELLA+CANVAS




"Nicole works with dexterous speed and efficiency and delivers on her promises and deadlines."

"Nicole is an outstanding writer. Highly recommend!"

"If you're seeking
the best—look no further than Nicole."



Hey there! Got something on your mind? An email sequence to sell your coaching program? A landing page featuring your new line of street fleece? Tell us all about it. Come on, dare us to write the words that spike your sales. Like one of our fave clients says, "When you've got STRAND in your life, you don't ever want to go without." We're that clandestine 92% dark chocolate or Ritz cracker addiction. You may not be able to give us up ... but it's OK. We'll increase your profits, not your pants size.

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